Screed FAQs

Frequently asked questions about screed

Q. What is screed?

A. Screed is made up of similar materials to concrete, however, it generally uses far finer aggregates (such as sand) and is thinner than standard concrete. It is ideally used to cover concrete foundations to provide a clean, level finish. It can either be left bare or used as a base for other building and decorative materials such as tiles, parquet or wood flooring. 

Q. What is screed used for?

A. Screed is used as a level finish for building foundations, however, it can also be to cover underfloor heating and provide extra thermal insulation under your flooring. This makes it an ideal building material for sustainable and economical living.

Q. What are the advantages of using screed?

A. Screed is applied as a clean, level finish to a building's foundation or possibly a sub-concrete base that is uneven. Screed can also act as a level base for decorative building materials, including tiles, wood and parquet flooring but can equally look good as bare, polished surface.

Q. How long does it take for screed to cure?

A. We recommend waiting 24 - 48 hours to allow screed to cure properly, however, for thinner screed it may only take 24 hours where for thicker screed this can take longer.

Q. What types of screed are available?

A. Readymix2Go offers 2 types of screed - a liquid flowing screed or a more traditional sand and cement floor screed.

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