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Self Levelling Screed

Our self-levelling screed is a free flowing, self-compacting floor screed that can be placed up to 10X the rate of traditional sand and cement floor screed, saving time, labour and money.

Supaflo is a specialist flowing screed from CEMEX that comes with a wealth of advantages and benefits.

Self Levelling Screed Applications

Fast Application

Can be installed up to 10 times quicker than standard floor screed (2000m² installed in one day)

Rapid Early Strength

Ready within 24 - 48 hours, compared to 3 - 7 days for traditional screed

Thermal Efficiency

Thermally efficient when used with underfloor heating as it encapsulates heating pipes

Delivered pre-mixed

We will deliver our flowing screed pre-mixed and ready to pour - saving you time and hassle.

Excellent flexural strength

Maintains an excellent flexural strength with reduced section thickness

Good Dimensional Stability

Cracking within screed is vastly reduced and curling is almost completely eliminated

Flowing Screed Applications

Our self levelling, flowing screed can be used in a variety of applications, including:


Commercial Buildings - offices, retail outlets, leisure facilities & more.


Residential & Domestic Buildings - houses, flats & more.


Bathrooms, Changing Rooms, Wet Rooms & more.

Tall Buildings

High Rise Buildings - such as office blocks & skyscrapers.

Find Out More About Our Self-Compacting Floor Screed

To find out more about our specialist flowing screed give us a call on 0345 600 6464 or request a callback and we will be happy to talk through your requirements.

Traditional Floor Screed Solutions

Looking for a standard floor screed? We also offer CEMEX Readyscreed - an excellent range of sand and cement floor screeds that can be used for all manner of flooring solutions.


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