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Health and Safety When Handling Concrete

CEMEX places the highest priority on health and safety in all its operations.

When your concrete is delivered you will be asked to sign a PPE disclaimer and we strongly advise that you read the Health and Safety Datasheet.

On any building site - even if it is your back garden - there will be risks that can be managed easily to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Check out our list of things to consider below:

  1. Risks from contact with wet concrete. Wet concrete, mortar and screed are strong alkalis. Contact with skin or the eyes may cause serious burns and ulceration or an acute allergic reaction in some people. Suitable clothing including impervious gloves, long sleeves, eye protection and boots are essential. In the event of eye contact wash immediately with plenty of water and seek urgent medical attention.

  2. Risks from equipment.  All equipment and even hand tools can present a risk if used incorrectly. People can be under increased pressure to finish quickly as the concrete sets so it is always worth ensuring everyone understands the operating instructions before the job starts. If the mixer truck is fitted with a conveyor or a pump is used, provide an adequate ‘exclusion zone’ to prevent accidental injury.

  3. Risks from slips, trips and lifting. Wet concrete makes surfaces slippery and it is obviously very heavy.


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