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Concreting Best Practice Tips

When handling concrete there are several things to consider prior to the pour - from laying, curing and finishing concrete to health and safety.

Give your builds the best possible chance by following a few key best practices. Keep reading to find out more.

Poor weather conditions can have adverse effects on DIY and commercial construction projects. Generally we would recommend avoiding times of year that are prone to extreme weather conditions (very high or very cold temperatures).

To find out more we recommend reading our in-depth guide on choosing the right time of year to pour concrete.

Preparing the site in advance

Prior to the delivery of readymix concrete you should ensure that your site is adequately prepared.

For instance did you know that a poorly compacted sub base can have a detrimental affect on your final concrete base? By not compacting the sub base adequately you could end up with an uneven surface finish and a greater risk of weak points.

Preparing The Right Mix Of Concrete

Preparing the right concrete mix can be tricky – a good mix is hard to achieve and requires the right balance between water, cement, admixtures (if required) and aggregates.

Ordering pre-mixed concrete can help to ensure you receive a top-quality readymixed concrete for your construction project. Readymix2Go can tailor the concrete to suit your requirements.

Concrete Finishing

Once laid it is very important to ensure that you carry-out thorough concrete finishing – making sure the concrete is compacted to ensure durability and strength, going over the surface with a finishing tool can help ensure that the concrete finish is smooth and level.

Curing Concrete

It is very important to give your concrete enough time to “cure” prior to putting any weight on it. Applying weight too early can result in damage to your concrete.

Generally we recommend a curing time of 28 days for the concrete to reach it’s full compressive strength. Read our useful guide to find out more about concrete curing.

Health & Safety

To prevent injuries from handling concrete we always recommend health and safety best practice.

We’ve produced two guides to help minimise the risks to yourself and the people who work with you on-site:

Health & Safety When Handling Concrete

Preventing Concrete Burns


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