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Benefits Of Hiring A Concrete Pump

Hiring A Concrete Pump - What Are The Benefits?

There are several benefits to hiring a concrete pump to use for your pours, these include:

Reach Tricky Areas

A concrete pump is designed to reach areas that might otherwise be difficult to access with a standard concrete truck chute. Many concrete pumps can reach from 50 - 150 metres.

Fast Placement Of Concrete

Pouring concrete quickly has many obvious benefits to a construction project - including a reduced chance of the concrete curing before its placed.

A concrete pump can help facilitate a faster rate of pour compared to other, more traditional methods of placing the mix. This not only helps to keep the project on-track and meet important deadlines but also reduces the risk of early curing.

Reduce Labour Demand & Costs

Any construction project can prove costly, especially when working on larger builds that requires more manpower. A concrete pump can help to reduce the level of manpower needed which can naturally reduce costs as well as eliminate health and safety risks to your workforce.

Since your team won't need to focus on barrowing concrete between the readymix truck and the project site this will reduce the burden on your workforce so they are freed up to focus on more important things.

Pour Accuracy

A concrete pump can make your pour more accurate - which is very relevant if you need to get concrete to a specific area of your jobsite but can't get the truck close enough to pour the concrete.

As a result this also reduces the risk of delays - resulting in a better finish to your project.


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