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Concrete Pump FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Pumps

What is a concrete pump?

A concrete pump is simply a pump and machine used to move readymix concrete to the job site that requires a pour.

Typically it is used for difficult to reach areas, for example, areas that have restricted access so may require a pour over a longer distance than a standard mixer truck chute.

What areas can Readymix2Go Supply Concrete Pumps To?

Readymix2Go can supply concrete pump (or recommend a trusted concrete pump supplier) in several areas, including the West Midlands, South Wales, Gloucestershire, Worcester, Greater London, Greater Manchester and Liverpool & the greater Merseyside region.

We may be able to supply pumps to other areas as well - but its worth asking our sales team if you require more information.

What information do I need when hiring a concrete pump?

You need to know the distance required between the mixer truck and the job site - this will help us work out what length of pump you require for the job.

A range of different sized pumps can be supplied to accommodate your needs accordingly.

If access to the job site is tricky would I benefit from a concrete pump?

Concrete pumps are designed for tricky situations. It allows you to pour concrete in difficult access areas and can save you significant amount of time and labour costs as it doesn't require barrowing once poured on-site.

How should I prepare the job site before the concrete pump arrives?

Please make sure your concrete placing area is clear of obstructions and debris. This will help ensure the job is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

Generally we would also recommend checking that ground conditions are suitable for the pumping machinery and that wind speeds are within safe parameters.

How much will it cost to hire a concrete pump?

The cost hiring a concrete pump does vary as the hire starts from the moment the pump is set-up through to completion of the pour. Since every job is different we recommend talking to our specialist sales team to work through your requirements.


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