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Concrete Quality

It is very easy to say that concrete is ‘top quality’ but what does this really mean?

Find out more about the work put in to ensure that our readymix concrete is the best.

What does ‘quality’ mean when applied to concrete?

For concrete, ‘quality’ has a specific meaning. It must meet the relevant British Standards (eg BS 8500) and its quality is independently verified. All CEMEX concrete is certified by QSRMC, the quality scheme for ready mixed concrete. QSRMC provided ISO 9001 and product conformity certification for the design, production and supply of ready mixed concrete.

To ensure that concrete meets the high demands imposed in constructing bridges, concrete-framed buildings and other complex structures, CEMEX’s in-house technical department provides advice and carries out standard tests. The most common of these is the cube test. A small concrete cube is formed using a sample of concrete at the construction site and when set it is crushed in a laboratory. The force needed to crush the concrete determines it’s strength. This force is commonly described in Newtons and so the strength of different concrete mixes can also be expressed in Newtons.

Concrete for a path or simple footings need not be as strong as that used in a bridge but it must still be ‘fit for purpose’. In other words it must still be of an equally high ‘quality’. So having high quality concrete is just as important for a small project as for a massive civil engineering site.

All CEMEX concrete is produced to the same high quality, irrespective of the end use. As one of the World’s leading suppliers of building materials CEMEX concrete plants benefit from the very best computerised systems, ensuring consistent accuracy in measuring the proportions of cement, aggregate and special additives required for each mix. CEMEX is also a major manufacturer of cement and produces a range of products which can be blended to give the best handling and setting characteristics under all conditions.

Such refinements cannot be achieved with any degree of consistency using a small site mixer and other forms of site mixing may not be QSRMC certified.

In practice, the quality of CEMEX ready mixed concrete - and especially the range of branded mixes - stands out. It is easier to work with and so easier to obtain the required finish. Above all, it gives peace of mind, whatever the application.


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