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Agricultural Concrete FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete For Farms

What makes Readymix Farmpave better than normal mixes?

Readymix Farmpave is a specially designed mix for the agricultural industry and takes into account the anticipated traffic and varied climatic conditions in and around the farm.

Can I get a milk tanker in within 24 hours of placing?

Early trafficking by heavy vehicles will damage the new surface and may also cause serious cracking. Ideally, the concrete should not be subjected to vehicular use for seven days without protecting the surface. We can provide guidance where this is not possible.

Does the slab need steel reinforcement?

Unless the sub-base is unstable or weak, steel reinforcement will not be required. Farmpave can contain polypropylene fibres to control plastic shrinkage cracking. We can advise on movement joint location and spacing.

What type of surface finish do you recommend?

For vehicular traffic we would advise a normal tamped finish but where livestock movement is anticipated then a heavy brush finish would be more appropriate.

Is Readymix Farmpave readily available?

Yes, it can be supplied from all our depots without any additional prior notice.


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