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Mortar and screed


Aggregates and Asphalt


Ready to Use mortar

A high quality factory produced mortar ideally suited to every application.

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Hard rock and recycled aggregates sand and gravel.

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High performance conventional screeds retarded to specification.

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Innovation in Asphalt

Cost effective solutions for all commercial applications.

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Packed Cement


Building products


CEMEX is a world leader in packed cement and other related products, backed with excellent technical expertise in blended cements and fly ash for more than 20 years.

The Rugby brand signals a refreshed, coherent and extended range for the future. It not only reinforces our CEM II packed products and our commitment to sustainable development, but also stands for improved reliability and availability.

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A full range of block paving options for your home.

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Village Stone

Hard landscaping solutions for your home.

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Dense and lightweight masonry blocks

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